Monday, November 21, 2005

New Sectional Charts

New Edition of Sectionals Charts with a release date of November & December 2005 include: Anchorage, Brownsville, Cincinnati, Fairbanks, Green Bay, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, St. Louis, San Antonio, Seattle and Seward.

Christmas Pilot Gift Ideas

Beat the rush & shop for Christmas pilot gifts while stock is plentiful. Check out our Pilot Gifts Section. Here are some pilot gift ideas:

FOR THE STUDENT PILOT:Jeppesen Student Flight Bag
Tri Lite Pilot Flashlight
ASA Long Trifold Kneeboard
aAvComm 200V2 PNR Aviation Headset

Torgoen Aviator Watch
Randolph Aviator Sunglasses
Sky High Discovery Flight Bag
David Clark H10-30 Aviation Headset

FOR THE PROFESSIONAL PILOT:Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag
Torgoen T6 Zulu & E6B Flight Computer Watch
Van Heusen Aviator ShirtVXA-210 Nav Comm Transeiver

Vertex VXA-710 Nav Com Transceiver

Vertex VXA-710 Nav Com. Airband operation, VOR Navigation, Amateur Radio Communications (reception only)—all in one. Comes with Lithium Ion Battery, Wall Charger, Headset Adapter, & Rubber Duck Antenna. New full color strobe. Accessories available.

The VXA-710 is Vertex Standard's newest Air Band transceiver featuring both VOR Navigation and Amateur Radio transceiver operation, all in one. Many pilots are also FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operators, as well, and the VXA-710 provides 5 Watts of AM P.E.P. power on the Aviation band, along with 5 Watts of FM power on the 2-meter Ham band, to keep you in touch wherever you operate.New to the VXA-710 is the full color Strobe LED, which provides indication of a number of transceiver status items using different colors. Different colors may be selected for each of condition. A total of 256 color shades are available for customizing. Also new to this model is Business Radio Service Reception.

Features of the Vertex VXA-710 Spirit Nav Comm Transceiver:
Power Output: 5 watts Airband, 5 watts 144-148 Mhz FM Receive: Airband 108-137 Mhz, NOAA Weather, FM Broadcast 88-108 Mhz Lithium-Ion Battery powered with 1400 Mah of battery capacity (rated battery life 14 hours using IEE standard 5%, 5%, 90% method) Rugged Magnesium Die Cast Casing Submersible (3 ft for 30 Minutes) Multi-colored strode LED for status Indication High Resolution Dot Matrix Display VOR/CDI Navigation Display DCS/CTCSS operation for 144-148 FM band 160 Memory Channels with 8 character Alpha Numeric Display Back-Lit Keypad and Display with Dimmer Direct Frequency Entry PC Programmable RX Battery Saver (prolongs battery life) One Touch Emergency Frequency (121.5 Mhz) Access NOAA Severe Weather Alert Accessories included with the Vertex VXA-710 Spirit Transceiver: LI-ion Battery Pack FNB-80LI (7.4V, 1300 mAh) Battery Wall Charger NC-72 Rubber Duck Antenna ATV-9 Headset Adapter Cable CT-96 Operating Manual Warranty Card

Can't decide? See our Nav Aviation Transceiver Comparison Chart.

List Price $550. Our Price $389

Flightcom Aviation Headsets

Flightcom is a leader in aviation headset design and engineering and develops the most innovative aviation headsets on the market.

We have added the complete line of Flightcom Headsets.The Denali Active Noise Reduction headsets are very popular but check out the more economically priced but still excellent quality and value!: Classic ANR Headset (Our Price $385), the 5DX Classic Headset (Our Price $179.95), the 4DLX Classic (Our Price $129.97) and 4DX (Our Price $115).