Friday, July 15, 2005

Protect Your Aircraft

Introducing the “CLAW” Aircraft Anchoring Tie Down System. The Claw is easy to install and has tremendous holding power. The harder you pull, the more it grips the earth. This is the only tie down with a mechanical advantage.

The Claw Aircraft Anchoring System was designed exclusively for aircraft. Protect your investment with this Revolutionary new aircraft anchoring tie down system.

Personal Emergency Locator Transmitters Save Lives

What should every cockpit contain? Survival in the palm of your hand in the form of Personal Emergency Locator Transmitters. We have added 2 ACR Aerofix ELTs (with GPS or without onboard GPS). Durable, waterproof, & operates at extreme temperatures. ACR’s Fast ACQ Technology relays accurate GPS information to satellites faster than all other internal GPS P-ELT’s providing your exact location within 110 yards or 100 meters.

The ACR Aerofix ELT is the smallest and most functional Personal ELT available; can be easily carried in a pack or pocket; small enough to be worn by not only pilots but also hikers, hunters, kayakers or any outdoor enthusiast.

Time to Update Aviation Charts!

Here are the next edition of Sectionals Aviation Charts that will be released in July & August, 2005 - Bethel, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Cincinnati, Denver, El Paso, Great Falls, L.A., McGrath, Nome, Omaha, St. Louis, Twin Cities & Washington.
New Releases of WAC Charts include: CD-12, CF-17, CG-18, CG-20.

Airband Civil Aviation Scanner

The Airband Civil Aviation Scanner has become the best selling airband scanner on the market today. It comes complete with antenna, wrist lanyard, belt clip, ear-phone, and operations manual. It's capable of scanning the entire aircraft frequency band or selected frequencies the user programs into its 99 user memory locations. The Airband Civil Aviation Scanner also features 10 Weather Channels, Dual Watch Feature, Volume & Squelch Control, Battery Life Indicator, Back Lit LCD Display, Key Lock and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.