Friday, May 19, 2006

TAG Support Continued Pilot Training

Touch & Go Pilot Supply supports continued pilot training and offers pilot training kits and maintenance Training Kits by ASA, Jeppesen & Gleim. Training Kits ensure that FAA regulatory requirements are met, and are the perfect training solution for both instructors and students. Training kits offer required books and supplies needed to complete training all at an exceptional cost.

With the approach of summer, most flight schools are starting to offer more pilot training flight school programs. As a result, Touch & Go Pilot Supply has reduced all training kits by 5% .
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Tri Lite Navigator LED Flashlight

The Tri LightNavigator LED Flashlight - three colors, hands free, and superbright. This aviation flashlight mounts on headsets, kneeboards, side panel, control yokes, lap boards.

Pilots love this Tri Lite aviation flashlight because its 3 lights in one (red, green, white), saves night vision, easy push buttons, hands free operation, on/off & momentary, anodized metal clip & more. This aviation LED flashlight also comes withDetachable 3M fasteners (DualLock handsfree strips included) & 2 AAA batteries.

Never fumble with with changeable lenses again and never hold a flashlight in your teeth again.....get this Tri Lite LED Flashlight!

This aviation flashlight is available at for $19.98.

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Wingman Pilot & Flight Crew Luggage

The Wingman Rolling Bag is the new standard for flight crews around the world. The last thing a pilot or flight crew member needs to be concerned about on any trip is their luggage.

The Wingman rolling flight crew bag is loaded with the features you need to keep your belongings neat and organized. Specifications: . Metal protective corners . Solid metal j-hook . Large YKK self-repairing zippers . Eight outer pockets . Outer metal protective plate . Handle locks in both the up and down position . Rugged three stage aluminum . Padded top carry handle . Inside divider . Rugged 1450 ballistic nylon by Dupont . 1/8" aluminum frame for superior rigidity . Sealed bearing inline skate wheels.

Wingman Rolling Bags come in 22", 24" and 26".

Wingman Pilot & Flight Crew luggage bags are custom made and ship within 10 business days. Custom embroidering available. Available now at

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Rexon RHP-520 Nav Com Handheld Transceiver

The Rexon RHP-520 Nav Com is an Air Band Handheld Transceiver with features that make sense.

Press a button to toggle between an active and standby frequency just like a panel mount radio. Monitor an ATIS broadcast and an approach control frequency at the same time. Press the Instant Memory Write button and the displayed frequency is automatically entered in the next available memory location. Find the VOR stations within your range of operation. Also the Rexon 520 Nav/Com Transceiver, offers pilots many other unique features such as:
Auto CDI CenteringActive Standby Frequency Control: Press a button to toggle between an active and standby frequency just like a panel mount radio.Dual Watch: Monitor monitor one frequency while tuned to a primary frequency (Like ATIS and Approach Control) .Instant Memory Write: To instantly save any tuned frequencyNav Scan: Nav frequency band to find usable VOR signalsGroup Scan.

Other features include: DVOR and CDI, 16 button keypad, NOAA weather channels, 100 programmable memory channels, backlit LCD display, 5 watts of output power, full scanning, one touch emergency 121.5 frequency and much more.

Now priced at $239.00 at Offer ends June 1st, 2006 or while supplies last!

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