Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Military Inspired Flight Jackets Trend

Alpha Industries manufactures authentic military inspired flight jackets and apparel. For over 50 years, Alpha continues to product flight jackets meeting the high standards of original military specifications. It is this fact that makes these products truly authentic. Although the company makes several popular items, the ones that stand out as a part of classic American military fashion are the MA1 Flight Jacket and the M65 Field Jacket. Alpha worked with teh military on their design and function which continues to make these jackets unique.

The Alpha Ma1 Flight Jacket is available in a variety of colors and has a trademark bright orange lining and a signature utility/pencil pocket. The wind-resistant and water repellent M65 Field Jacket first developed in 1965 and still remains a best seller today.

Alpha Industries started off providing flight jackets to the military and is now a leader in military inspired fashion.

Friday, September 16, 2011

ACK E-04 ELT News

ACK's E-01 ELT has been discontinued and has been replaced by the ACK E-04 406/121.5 MHz ELT. The E-04 has been designed as the same shape and size as the E-01 so aircraft owners replacing the units can use the same mounting tray and straps without having to modify anything. However the internals are completely different so internal modifications between the E-01 and E-04 are not possible.

The 406 MHz beacon's transmitted power is 50x greater than the old 121.5/243 beacons. Location accuracy without GPS is greatly improved over the 121.5/243 ELTs. With GPS, location accuracy can be within several hundred feet. The ACK 406 ELT has been approved in Eurpean countries and has Transport Canada TSP approval.

The ACK E-04 ELT Kit includes: transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antennak, remote control, mounting tray and retaining straps, plug-in audible alert, remote cable, coax cable and installation manual.

ACK E-04 Retrofit Kit

ACK's E-04 Retrofit Kit is a 406 MHz direct replacement fo the E-01 which will fit in the E-01 mounting trays and use the same remote control panel indicator. Therefore, this retrofit kit is what aircraft owners would buy if they currently have ACK's E-01 installed in their aircraft.

It will include on they components needed to change it over to the E-04 and this includes: The new 406/121.5 frequency antenna, the Audible Alert Indicator, Installation Manual, and the E-04 itself. It will not include the Remote Control Panel Indicator, Remove Cable, Antenna Coax Cable, or mounting Tray and Straps. The E-04 external antenna will utilize a current antenna mounting and wiring installation.

Features of the ECK E-04 Retrofit Kit include that is accepts GPS position input data from Bendix/King, Garmin, Nema 0183 GPS. The new antenna is swept back 20 degrees, and features a new molded plastic base. Five (5) watts @406 MHz of 24 hours, and 100Mw @ 121.5MHz for 48 hours. Also features a new simple plug in audible alert indicator. The new lithium battery pack offers a 5 year battery life and makes it substantially lighter. It can be used with Ameriking remote panel indicator.