Thursday, May 09, 2019

Become a Drone Pilot

Drone CertificationTraining Class now offered at Texas Flight Services at Hooks Airport  (DWH) in Spring, TX.
To become a certified Drone Pilot to fly your drone under the FAA's UAS Rule Part 107, you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.  This demonstrates that you understand all the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures to safely fly drones.

Texas Flight Services at DWH Airport offers a monthly Ground Class to prepare for Part 107 that includes a study guide and 5 practice tests.  Lunch and drinks included.  FAA Remote PIC TEST is administered on site.  For more information on Drone Training, take a look at Touch & Go Pilot Supply's Drone Products

Date:  June 1-2, 2019.  Saturday will involve classroom training from
  9-5 pm with classwork review and written exams scheduled the following day or at your convenience.   Classes fill up fast so please call to reserve,

Call Texas Flight Services to register or for more information at (832) 717-0766.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

General Aviation ADS-B $500 Rebate Program

The FAA is offering a General Aviation ADS-B $500 Rebate Program for those who qualify and meet certain requirements. 

  • Aircraft not currently equipped with Version 2 ADS-B Out
  • Fixed wing single engine piston driven aircraft
  • Aircraft is U.S. registered
For more information, go to

Thursday, January 24, 2019

F20 Lightweight Aviation Headset

This F20 Aviation Headset offers a lightweight, dual ear design and is great for general aviation and is also very popular for Flight Simulation training. 

The light rounded, leatherette ear seals provide soft cushioning and noise protection.  The flexible metal mic boom microphone can be adjusted to personal comfort levels and offers a noise canceling electret condenser mic.  At 4.6 ounces,  the F20 is comfortable on the head and easy on the ears.  Priced at $115.00 with one year manufacturer's warranty.   

Safety Marshaling Wands Protect & Serve

We are pleased to support Safety Wand Corp. as they have introduced a new Slim Airport Safety Marshalling Wand.    This LED HD is a 1/2 inch longer than the traditional Safety Wand HD but the slim design allows for easier, lighter weight handling and also easily fits 2 in a pockets.  This wand is super bright and also offers the anti-roll features and materials of the Safety Wand design.  The slim safety wand is 13.5" x 1", on/ off only and uses 2 AA batteries.

The traditional HD Safety Wands are 13" long x 1 1/2" in diameter, use 2 C batteries and are available in on/off or on/off/flash.  The lighted cone area is 7".  They have been recently been redesigned with a separated battery compartment with a spring on both ends of the battery to help protect them during use.  The circuit board is now industrial grade, and the commercial grade LED is brighter with a new industrial grade switch. 

These wands are extremely durable as they are used in airports and military bases all over the world.  The Safety Wand HD is water, spark, rust, grease an shatter resistant equipped to handle all kinds of work and weather environments  Although developed specifically for the aviation industry to marshal aircraft, these wands are also used for directing traffic in all weather conditions, directing customers for sporting events, concerts and parking, roadside protection, crowd control and for police and fire departments.

With the introduction of the Slim Design, there are now  4 safety wand options, the Safety Wand HD with Anti Roll Base in On/Off, On/Off/Flash, Slim On/Off, and Yellow On/Off