Monday, October 24, 2005

Aviation Checklists

Checklists are used for all aircraft - from ultralights to the most modern commercial aircraft. Although pilots understand each step, regulations require that checklists always be used.

Touch & Go proudly carries a large selection & sizes of aviation checklists. We offer Surecheck Pro, Surecheck Full Version for Multi & Single Engine, CheckMate Checkbook Checklists for all training aircraft, for Single & Twin Engines, Tom Rubin Compact & Pocket Lists & more.

Maycom Airband Scanner Special

Order 2 of the Maycom Airband Scanners and get them for $99.95 each. This popular airband scanner is small & easy to operate. It comes complete with antenna, wrist lanyard, belt clip, earphone & manual. Can scan the entire aircraft frequency band or selected frequencies. Has 99 memory & 10 weather channels among other great features. List $114.94. Sale Price: Order 2 and get them for $99.95 each.

Product Spotlight: Vertex 210 Lite Nav Comm Aviation Transceiver

Vertex VXA-210 Lite Nav-Comm Transceiver provides the features, performance & toughness to get your message through. It comes with a Cigarette Adapter, alkaline battery case, belt clip, headset adapter & antenna.