Thursday, September 06, 2012

Props to PayPal

This is a short note to thank PayPal for working with us on getting a pilot located at an FBO all the pilot supplies he needed.  In my previous blog, we wrote about how we recently changed our credit card processing over to PayPal so we are still learning the ins and outs of how the system works.  

Back to the story....A pilot placed an order for a Flyboys kneeboard and a checklist ring...only one!   He will definitely need more if he is to properly affix his checklist pages to the kneeboard.  Quite often, pilots place orders and then wish to add an item after the order has been placed.   I called Paypal to find out how we charge cards if this happens especially because we needed to get this pilot his additional checklist rings.  I told the Paypal rep the situation and he quickly offered to waive some service charges for us in order for us to get the pilot all that he needed.   Thanks to Paypal and even greater thanks to all those serving our country!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touch & Go Adds Paypal to Checkout

Touch & Go Pilot Supply announced today that it now offers PayPal as an alternative payment method for customers at checkout.

PayPal offers so many advantages to customers, is used worldwide so we are thrilled to add this as an option for our pilots.   We still accept all major credit cards but customers with PayPal accounts can select whichever payment method they prefer now. 

For more information about Touch & Go Pilot Supply or their products, visit the website at or call toll free at 1-877-627-8395.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Conserve with a GATS Fuel Tester

With so much necessary concern for the environment, it is vital for everyone, including pilots, to do their part.  Studies have shown that over 3 million gallons of AVGAS (aviation gasoline) are poured on aircraft parking ramps every year from sampling fuel during preflight inspection.  As a pilot, FBO or aviation technician, there is a requirement by law to dispose of your “sumped” fuel properly.

A previous procedure for disposal of “sumped” fuel was to simply throw it onto the tarmac, expecting the fuel to evaporate.  This practice causes air pollution, as well as possible runoff issues contaminating the soil and ground water.

Several options and devices are available to assist with the testing and proper disposal of preflight fuel.  One excellent option is the GATS (Gasoline Analysis Test Separator) jar developed by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  A preflight procedure using the GATS jar allows the return of clean fuel back into the aircraft fuel tank and contaminated fuel to be dumped into a disposal unit located on the ramp.  How it actually works is that it separates any co-mingled fuel and water and is designed to allow only the fuel to be poured back into the fuel tank through the filter which traps the water behind. 

By using these fuel testers, such as the GATS jar, pilots are practicing environmentally responsible procedures and properly disposing of “sumped” fuel.  In fact, this GATS fuel tester not only protects our environment but also saves money by returning clean fuel to the aircraft tank.

As an incentive to customers to help protect the environment, we can offer a discount to flying clubs or flight schools when purchases are made in bulk.  GATS jars, available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, can also be custom labeled with the logo of your company or school.

-          Pilot Shop News Staff from EDMO & TAG Staff

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why Our Flight Instructor Loves the Express Flyer Flight Bag

Our Flight Instructor, Paul, loves his Express Flyer Flight bag manufactured by Noral Enterprises for so many reasons.  Every time he wanders into the Flight School, he’s got this trusty bag with him.  It’s not too big measuring in at 11”H x 10.5”W x 10”L but seems to keep him well organized for each flight.  The other day, between flights, I decided to ask him what he loves about it.  Some things I knew but others, I suppose only a pilot would appreciate so this is what I learned.

First of all, this is virtually the only bag that is still manufactured in the United States.  With so many of our goods made overseas, it’s wonderful to actually purchase an item proudly made in the U.S.A.  In fact, we often get calls from customers wanting to know where certain products, including flight bags, are made.  When I tell them that Noral still manufactures its products entirely in the U.S., customers are more than pleased to make a purchase.

I decide to take a look and see how he has organized his pilot gear.  I don’t think he’ll mind.  In the large front zippered pocket in the front, I find a Pilot’s License and some other papers.  In the zippered pouch behind, is his headset and since this pocket is large enough to hold any size headset and the one that he’s got is of average size, he likes that he can also manage to also squeeze in a can of aircraft cleaner.  To the side are some pocket sleeves where he has placed a fuel tester in one and a flashlight and pen in the other. 

Access to the main compartment is through a double zippered flap with pull cord and it is very roomy.  He’s got all other necessities in here such as a  kneeboard, logbook, flight computer, terminal procedures, oral exam guide, some sort of maneuvers manual and sectionals – that have expired by the way so I will have be sure to get him a current supply.  

There is also a pocket sleeve at the back where he has slipped in a navigational protractor and inside there is a zippered section where he’s got a pencil and eraser.   It is made with two carrying handles that has a padded band if you wish to keep them together and I just noticed on the front of one the of handle straps that there is a plastic holder where a carabiner holding keys or whatnot can hook on.  Another very handy feature indeed!

Noral makes this flight bag using very durable ¼” foam padded nylon and it is so well sewn that Paul has been using his flight bag for a couple of years now and it still looks brand new with no wear and tear.  The zippers are extremely heavy duty as well.

Wow!  There is quite a lot of pilot gear in this durable, smaller size flight bag. No wonder Paul likes it so much.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Custom Flight Bags by Brightline

BrightLine is now introducing the FLEX Flight Bag System.  This is the first custom flight bag system ever produced in the aviation industry.  This manufacturer has listened to customer feedback and suggestions from pilots for years and, as a result, has developed this new concept to meet every pilot’s needs.

What this new system means is that customers can now customize their own flight bag to meet their specific needs and hold their gear.  No need to panic! Five new Brightline preconfiguredflight bags of various sizes are also available and the original and best-selling Brightline (now the B16 Contain) is still on the market and available for sale but it has been redesigned for the FLEX system.

The FLEX systems starts with the ever popular standard Front Bag and allows pilots to custom make their own bag and by either adding outside pockets,  inserting one of three different size core center sections and finally, adding outside end caps to finish it off.  Not only can pilots make this bag to meet their needs but the option is there to reconfigure it when needs change.  You can even switch around sections based on any situation. 

The FLEX system components are:

Front Bag – The starting point of most configurations.  Originally designed to hold 2 headsets and has a divider shelf.  Comes with Main Handle, Shoulder Strap and interior divider shelf.

Rear Bag – Designed to hold paperwork but can also hold a 13” laptop, change of clothes, or anything else of the like you need to fit.  Has a nylon strap on top that can act like a handle

Center Section 2 – Narrow so designed specifically for laptop use.  Can carry 13” laptops, iPads and documents.  

Center Section 5 - Designed specifically for IFR pilots.  It has top and rear access along with a divider shelf.  The B10 Classic is good for VFR to light IFR flying but if you add this section, you can now carry IFR Binders, clipboards and your laptop or take it off if flying VFR

Center Section 11 – Designed to carry a lot like extra binders, laptop.  Good for overnight trips. Recommended for law enforcement or medical fields.   Comes with handle and shoulder strap.   

Front & Rear End Cap – Zips onto exposed front& rear center sections of bag.  Front cap has 3 sections to hold smaller items. Rear end cap finishes exposed part of bag and can slip in items into zippered area.

Side Pocket Alpha – Holds Hand Held Radio or water bottle

Side Pocket Bravo – Two half height compartments.

Side Pocket Charlie – Pocket compartment and three pen slots

Side Pocket Delta – Double wide side pocket

Given the choices, all expertly designed to meet a pilot’s need, the new Brightline FLEX design truly provides a custom gear management system.   Whether you are doing a cross country or going on a camping trip, this bag’s functionality and gear management knows no bounds and will keep your gear organized.  It works for every pilot now and can continue to meet their needs and efficiently store their gear in the future. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Every Pilot Must Have a Kneeboard

Pilot kneeboards are a vital piece of equipment on every flight and a very worthwhile investment for many reasons. It primarily lets pilots keep their paperwork in one place and stay organized in the cockpit during flight. It is not only hard but also unwise to flip through your flight bag to grab what is needed when flying! From a safety standpoint alone, this is a worthwhile are very reasonably priced investment. A kneeboard is a handy tool that holds charts, pens, flashlights, flight computers, maps and more in place and on your knee. They are designed to strap onto the leg to provide a hard surface to record relevant information and communications during flight.

There are a few distinct styles on the market so choosing one is basically a matter of personal preference and need.

Simple kneeboards are available for both VFR and IFR pilots and are made of brushed aluminum with a clip on top. They have rules and regulations silk screened on the boards themselves. With a Velcro strap, these boards comfortably rest on the knee with a wide elastic band. They are flat and the metal clip at the top holds charts, maps or paper in place.

If you’re looking to hold more gear, the trifold kneeboard is a good choice. They come in standard or long length and allow for more organization since the sides fold out and provide pockets on either side of the center clipboard. Like a mini briefcase, the three panel jacket allows for plenty of room for charts and more.

There are a couple of Military kneeboards on the market designed by Hendricks and Flyboys. Both are extremely versatile and well designed. Hendricks trifolds have padded backing so it straps comfortably to your knee. For fighter pilots, the 9G Plus features a negative G strap. Flyboys kneeboards work well for general aviation and military pilots alike and feature 7 eyelets that secure checklists or flight guides. These are sized to work with every military bases spacing. This kneeboard can be personalized as it can be embroidered with your name in any color and style. This is a great feature and makes for a great pilot gift.

More recently, the iPad kneeboard cases have become more popular. They are designed for use in and out of the cockpit. Made of durable Ballistic Nylon, the hard cover folds over to protect the screen. The leg strap is adjustable and can even be used to strap to a car headrest or fitness machine for video viewing.

Looking for something small and simple? Pilot chart leg straps don’t have a clipboard but instead are basically a Velcro strap. It is a simple tool that keeps your NOS book or chart firmly strapped to your leg with a clear plastic strap over the top of your materials so you can still clearly read them.

It’s clear to see why a kneeboard is an essential item that keeps pilots safe, organized and focused in the cockpit.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Benefits of Pilot Training Kits

Whether you’re just starting flying lessons, are preparing for the FAA exam or are renewing an expired license, Pilot Training Kits provide value to aviation students for a number of reasons.  We’ll explore that further but, in a nutshell, each kit is professionally and specifically designed for a particular license or endorsement and all the books and supplies needed for core aeronautical knowledge are included. 
Buying the required pilot supplies and materials individually can be costly, especially if you are just starting out.   Couple this with the cost of flying lessons and it’s best to take an economical approach to your newfound hobby or career goal whenever possible.  Purchasing the kit recommended by your flight instructor or flying school can save you dollars as well as ensure that you are totally prepared with all the correct materials for each lesson. 

There are many manufacturers of pilot training kits and the best known and most established include ASA, Jeppesen and Gleim.  Be sure to follow the recommendation of your flight school so that you are in sync with your class – there is a kit available for every rating, including Helicopter Pilot Training.   Personalized training kits for flight schools are available to meet specific training needs or if some materials seem to work better in your experience.  This provides the option to mix manufacturer’s materials or particular supplies if some are preferred over others.  Please contact us directly and we will be happy to work with you to meet your specific needs. 

The contents of each kit vary with the license or endorsement but typically include a number of ground school books in order to prepare for the FAA Knowledge exam, oral and practical exams as well as the flight test or check ride.  Typical materials include FAA materials such as a FAR/AIM, textbook, syllabus, test prep book, oral exam guide, practical test standard requirements, and various pilot supplies appropriate to the training level and requirements.  For example, Private Pilot Training kit supplies typically include a logbook, plotter and flight computer.  Most kits even include a flight bag which is a great way to keep organized.

Recently, the trend has been moving toward kits which replace traditional ground school books with digital download in an eBook format.   This is a great solution for both instructors and students looking for an updated training solution.  These have arrived on the market recently are definitely becoming more popular.   Included in the box is a Redeem Code in order to access and download for use.  These can typically be downloaded on your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or mobile device.  Prior to purchase, it is important to ensure that the download is compatible with your operating system and the minimum technical requirements are clearly provided on each product description.

It is clear that the easiest and most economical approach to gaining your license or that next endorsement is through pilot training kits.   They contain all the FAA books, texbooks and test prep materials you’ll need to prepare for success.