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Private Pilot Licence Requirements Information

This information page is designed to answer many questions related to obtaining a US Private Pilot License.

If you have a foreign pilot licence and wish to convert to obtain a U.S Pilot License, click on foreign pilot.

A Private Pilot License carries a significant level of reponsibility and prestige. It is also recognized as a symbol of achievement and distinguishes an individual at every level.

Private Pilot privileges include acting as pilot in command of an single-engine aircraft carrying passengers during visual (VFR) weather conditions. Additional instruction will be necessary to operate larger class & types of aircraft.

The current requirements for a Private Pilot License - Single-Engine Land (ASEL)
You must be 17 years old to hold a Private Pilot License. Students may receive flight training and solo at 16.
You must hold a third class medical certificate.
Pass an FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam.
Pass an FAA Practical Flight Test

The Flight Training and number of flight hours will depend on the type of course and the frequency of time the student is able to commit to the program. As a general guide the following flight requirements (Part 61.109) represent the minimum flight time for the Private Pilot Licence.

A minimum of 40 hours of total flight time is required. The total flight time must include:
A minimum of 20 hours of dual flight instruction. (Flight with an instructor)
10 hours of solo flight. (Flight by yourself) including:
5 hours solo cross-country time including a cross-country flight of 150 nautical miles.
3 solo takeoff & landings to a full stop at a controlled airport.
3 hours of night flight training.
3 hours of flight by reference to instructions.
3 hours of flight training preparation for the flight test must be performed within 60 days preceding the flight test.

Consult FAF 61.109 for a full and complete list of all of the flight time breakdowns and manditory flight maneuvers required.

For students training under Part 141, the minimum flight time is 35 hours. It should be highlighted that the flight times outlined represent the minimum requirements for a student to apply for the Private Pilot License. The instructor will make the final determination if and when the student is prepared enough to take the flight test. A downloadable copy of the Practical Flight Test is available for review.

Helpful Comments & Suggestions From Students & Pilots
In reality most student pilots will end up with 60 -70 hours of total flight experience by the time of the flight test, so don't get focused on the hour requirements.
Most flight training clubs /schools will offer some type of introductory flight that enables any interested individuals to experience a short flight. At the same time, a great Intro to Flying DVD is available called "Start Flying". This DVD will help newcomers understand more about aviation and wonderful experiences flying can offer. (The DVD may be ordered directly by clicking the the Start Flying link).

Learning to fly is like any skill, it takes practice and repitition to become proficient. Students will progress faster and reduce the overall cost if the flight training is focused or follows a regular schedule.(Example 1 -2 flights per week). In the real world this may not be feasible, however long periods of inactivity between flights will demand more review during the follow-up lesson.

Every instructor, like every teacher, has their own style and personality. It has been recommended to find a flight school/club and speak with the Chief Flight Instructor, Manager or Owner about your personal goals and needs. This will reduce the odds of becoming linked with an instructor that is randomly selected who may or may meet your expectations. Remember, you are paying the bills and you should demand good service. There is nothing wrong with changing instructors, however you should allow alteast 4-5 hours of training with an instructor before considering a switch. Every Flight Instructor will cover the basics, however each instructor will have their own style and way of presenting the topics and exercises.

The total cost of a private pilot license will vary depending on the particular school / aircraft and how many hours the student accumulates, however the following breakdown can be used as a rough estimate:
20 Hrs Dual @ $100 = $ 2,000
20 Hrs Solo @ $ 70 = $ 1,400
20 Hrs Ground Briefing $ 800
Written Test $ 100
Flight Test $ 300
Total $ 4,900

Since this figure uses the minimum number of hours, it is suggested that and extra 20-30% be added to accommodate the extra flight time most students will require.

A Private Pilot Training Kit contains all of the required training and study materials needed for the course. Ordering the complete Private Pilot Kit will be significantly less expensive than trying to purchase all of the individual items sepatately. Many excellent Training Videos & DVDs are available that can help students in both the flight training and knowledge test phases of the course.

The staff at Touch & Go Pilot Supply encourage everyone to learn more about aviation. With over 20 years experience in the aviation industry we represent both an information resource as well as a major supplier of top quality Pilot Training Supplies.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Foreign Pilot Licence Resource

The goal of this airmen's resource page is to clarify the steps necessary for foreign pilots to apply for a US certificate under the provisions of FAR Part 61.75

We recommend visiting the Federal Aviation Administration site at , as license requirements and forms are updated and modified frequently.

All pilots applying for a certificate based on a ICAO foreign license must have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) validate the license. The CAA is the Civil Aviation Authority that issued the original license. They must verify the validity of the license along with the medical certificate prior to applying for an FAA certificate. The FAA has developed a form called Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating and Medical Certificate form. Click the link and download the most up to date version of the verification form directly from the FAA site.

Once the form is completed, it may be submitted either via fax to 405- 954-9922 or via mail to:
Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760
P.O Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082.

It is recommended that any Verification of License Authenticity Form be submitted atleast 90 days prior to arriving at the designated FAA FSDO office.

The FAA requires that the following information be included with the verification form.
Name & Date of birth
Address for then verification of authenticity letter to be mailed.
Certificate number and rating of the foreign license. (Copy of the foreign license & medical certificate is prefered)
Country of issuance of your foreign license
Location of the FAA Flight Standards District Office you intend to apply for your U.S certificate.
Statement confirming that your foreign license is not under suspension or revocation

NOTE: For United Kingdom Pilots: In accordance withn the Data Protection Act, the United Kingdom-CAA requires your permission to release any information to the FAA. Please visit the UK CAA website for additional details and forms required in order for the UK CAA to release any requested information.

Once the FAA receives verification from the CAA, a letter will be sent to you confirming that confirmation has been sent to the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) you identified in your request. This verification is valid for 6 months calendar months only. You must then schedule an appointment at the same Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). The Examiner will review all of your documentation and, at that time, issue a US Restricted Private Pilot License. The US Private Pilot License will carry the same restrictions as your foreign license.

Holders of a restricted US Private Pilots License may apply for an unrestricted FAA Private Pilots License by meeting the eligibility requirements set forth in FAR Part 61.103 -61.113. The applicant must pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam and an FAA Practical Flight Test.

Downloadable copies of the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test Standards and FAA Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards have been attached for review.

Again, we recommend visiting the FAA site to ensure that the information presented is up to date and that the latest versions of forms are being used. At Touch And Go Pilot Supply we offer all levels of pilot training materials and pilot supplies to assist in acheieving every stage of airmen certification.

Fly Safe & Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PCAS XRX / MRX Collision Avoidance Systems Technology


How does this technology work?

PCAS, which stands for Portable Collision Avoidance System, is a trademark of Zaon Flight Systems for technology similar in function to TCAS (Traffic and Collision Avoidance System). TCAS is the industry standard for commercial collision avoidance systems. The original PCAS technology was developed in 1999. Now, the MRX/XRX line of collision avoidance systems incorporates the fourth generation of PCAS technology. Through this technology, transponder-equipped aircraft are detected and ranged, and the altitude is decoded. PCAS G4 technology has advanced to the point that highly accurate range, relative altitude, and quadrant direction can be accurately detected in a portable, all-in-one cockpit device.

To explain how the PCAS system works, consider the following:

Step One
To start the cycle, an interrogation is sent out from ground-based RADAR stations and/or TCAS or other actively interrogating systems in your area. This signal is sent on 1030 MHz. For TCAS, this interrogation range can have a radius of 40 miles from the interrogation source. The Ground RADAR range can be 200 miles or more

Step Two
The transponder on any aircraft within range of the interrogation replies on 1090 MHz with their squawk code (known as Mode A) and altitude code (or Mode C). The altitude information is sent in an encoded format.
Mode S transponders also reply on this frequency, and encoded within the Mode S transmission is the Mode A (squawk) and Mode C (altitude) information.
Military aircraft also respond on this frequency but use a different transmission protocol (see Step 3).
Your aircraft's transponder should also reply. However, the XRX unit watches for this signal and will not report it as a threat aircraft. The unit may use this information to establish base altitude for use in step 4.

Step Three
Any aircraft reply within the XRX detection window (maximum 6 miles) will be received. The range is computed, the altitude code is decoded, and the signal angle-of-arrival is determined. XRX will recognize interrogations from TCAS, Skywatch, and any other “active” system, military protocols, and Mode S transmissions.

Step Four
The altitude of the aircraft (in the example, 2500 ft.) is compared to your local altitude (i.e., 1500 ft.) and the relative altitude is calculated (i.e., 1000 ft. above you). With relative direction, altitude and range determined, XRX displays this information and stores it in memory.

Step Five
If additional aircraft are within detection range, the above process is repeated for each aircraft. The top threat is displayed on the left of the traffic screen, and on Screen A, the second and third threats are displayed on the right.
The greatest threat is determined by looking at aircraft within the detection window you set up and comparing primarily the vertical separation (+/- relative altitude), and secondarily the range to the aircraft currently being displayed. The PCAS XRX uses patent-pending SmartLogic algorithms to determine which of two or more aircraft is a greater threat.
Ground RADAR and TCAS Network Coverage

PCAS XRX is a passive system, meaning it listens to replies from other aircraft. Other aircraft are responding to interrogations. There are two types of interrogation networks: Ground RADAR installations and TCAS- or other active system-equipped aircraft.

Ground RADAR installations provide ATC with traffic data by interrogating outward from the sweeping antenna, pictured here. The interrogation is sent on 1030 MHz. Your transponder, and the transponders of the other aircraft in the area, listen on 1030 MHz and give the response data on 1090 MHz. The range of each installation depends on the type of surrounding terrain and geography, but is usually 100-200 miles in diameter.

Overhead, airliners, corporate jets and other aircraft have systems that interrogate, called active systems, which make up an even better network of interrogation. Examples of active systems are TCAS, Skywatch, and Ryan 9900B systems. Because these systems are airborne, they are not limited by geographical features and provide an excellent platform for interrogation. They too interrogate in 1090 MHz, and transponders respond on 1090 MHz. PCAS listens on 1090 MHz and intercepts this data.

A passive system which does not interrogate, such as XRX, only works if the interrogations are present. However, it is important to note that the combined effect of both overlapping networks provides for a nearly 100% coverage in the United States. The same type of systems exist in countries abroad, especially the same airborne TCAS-based systems. The most important thing to remember is that interrogations happen virtually everywhere you may fly.

Please review the Touch & Go Pilot Supply product descriptions for the PCAS XRX and the PCAS MRX.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Flight Training Kits

At Touch & Go Pilot Supply, we strongly endorse continued education and flight training in all aspects of aviation. As a result, we carry the largest selection of aviation training materials at discount prices and offer free delivery on all flight training kits within the Continental USA.
Each flight training kit is designed for a specific licence or endorsement and contains the exact materials required to achieve the course objective at a fraction of the price. Pilot training kits contain all of the required ground school reading, course syllabus, plotters, flight maneuvers, flight exercises, logbooks and more. Most training kits even come with a professional flight bag.
The kits are arranged in the normal order of advancement through flight training. The selection includes:
Sport Pilot Training KitsPrivate Pilot Training KitsCommercial Pilot Training KitsInstrument Training KitsMulti-Engine Pilot Training KitsFlight Instructor Training Kits
In addition, we also carry Helicopter Training Kits as well as various A&P Technician / Maintenance Training Kits.
Flight training kits offer the most economical and simplest means of obtaining all of the materials needed to complete the desired flight training goals. The individual items in each kit may be purchased from Touch & Go Pilot Supply separately or in combination. The description of each kit clearly identifies the specific course and lists all of the items contained within each kit.
For customer who wish to identify and/or purchase items separately, we have provided a list and links to many of the flight training materials from each kit. Link on any item on the training material list and the link will display a selection of appropriate products.
Flight Bags
Pilot Test Prep Books
Aviation ChartsAviation MapsFlight ComputersAirport Directories
We wish you success in your flight training, in subsequent flying and in obtaining additional ratings and certificates.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Torgoen Aviation Watch Collection

TORGOEN was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide similar enthusiasts with aviation watches of uncompromising quality.

In the cockpit, things happen quickly... a pilot must always be thinking ahead of the airplane. Multi-tasking is part of survival. Reliable instruments. Rapid readings, dependant on precise and clear markings and indexes. Day and night. Ergonomically efficient controls. All of these same standards are part of another cluster of pilot's instruments: the Torgoen line of aviation watches.

Attainment of aviation standards comes as part of two major steps, Preparation and Production. Torgoen's commitment to the highest quality standards is uncompromised in every step of the manufacturing process. Each and every watch passes strict quality control procedures to ensure precision, water resistance and endurance. At Torgoen, preparation includes precision engineering, careful attention to details of every component, and the best choice of materials. During and after production, Torgoen pilot watches and components pass the most stringent quality control procedures. The watches are tested under various extreme conditions including temperature variation, dust, humidity, impact and vibration.

Torgoen Flight Computer Watches
Torgoen's line of Flight Computer Watches can be used to calculate time, distance and speed equations. It also can perform a variety of calculations from currency conversions to multiplication and division problems. With the watch you can calculate any conversion of linear nature with a constant ratio such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers etc. Currently Torgoen has 3 models with a flight computer: T1, T2 and T3.

Torgoen Zulu Time Watches
The world is divided into 24 time zones. For easy reference in communications, a letter of the alphabet has been assigned to each time zone (less the letter "I" and "O"). The "clock" at Greenwich, England is used as the standard clock for international reference of time in communications, military, maritime and other activities that cross time zones. The letter designation for this clock is Z, pronounced ZULU in the phonetic alphabet.
Zulu Time Watch Line has 2 distinct models. One uses a turning internal bezel to mark a different time zone (dual time) while the other uses an additional hand completing a full circle once every 24 hours that can also denote a different time zone including Zulu Time (i.e. GMT). Torgoen Zulu Watches are T4 and T5.

Touch & Go Pilot Supply also offers a selection of Torgoen T5 Ladies Zulu Time Watches.

Torgoen Zulu Time and E6B Combination WatchesTorgoen T6 aviation watch series has a Swiss Movement GMT type (additional time zone in 24 hour format, or ZULU time according to aviation radio lingo) and slide rule called flight computer or E6B. With it you can easily solve time, speed and distance problems as well as conversions of units once you know the ratio. Currency conversions are especially easy to perform. You can also multiply or divide any two numbers (detailed instruction manual booklet in 4 languages with many examples is included).

Experience the confidence that comes with using a fine instrument - a TORGOEN aviation watch.

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Choosing the Right Headset For You

Choosing the right headset for your aviation needs may be one of the most important and long lasting pilot decisions you make. Owning your own headset is somewhat of a milestone for every pilot. There is certain prestige of having your own personal equipment which also reinforces your dedication to finishing the training becoming more involved in flying.

With so many manufacturers and styles available on the market, how can you select a headset that fits your current and future requirements? At Touch and Go Pilot Supply, years of experience in the headset industry has enabled our staff to effectively narrow your selction to one or two models that we know will meet your current and future requirements.

Unfortunately the website does not always allow us to speak directly with each and every customer. We have therefore put together some general information on aviation headsets and have provided some guidelines we recommend using when selecting your headset.

Aviation Headset General Information
Aircraft headsets exploded onto the market in the early 1980's. The system afforded the pilot clear unrestricted communication with both air traffic control and other passengers or crew. They also helped reduce the background engine noice which over long periods can have negative effects on hearing.

Aviation headsets can be divided into two broad categories: Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headsets.

Passive Noise Reduction Headsets rely on the insulation properties of the headset ear cup to limit background noise. The ability of the headset cup to seal over the ear and the nature of materials used to manufacture the padding in the cup become the determining factors of how well the headset will perform in limiting background noise.

Active Noise Reduction Headsets generate electrical signals to effectively cancel out background noise. The system superimposes sound waves that neutralize the low frequency background noise typically associated with general aviation aircraft. In order to support this system, ANR headsets do require a power source from either a battery pack or panel fed supply. The technology involved in ANR headsets makes them more expensive than PNR headsets and generally more prone to operating problems.

How to Pick an Aviation Headset That is Right for You

At Touch And Go Pilot Supply, we always try to recommend a headset that will not only meet your current flight requirements, but also perform well as you progress through your flight training. Over the years, we have identified five main factors that determine which model of headset pilots select.

1. Price
As with all purchases, the overall cost of the item is an important consideration and, in some cases, is the dominant deciding factor. It is important to realize that higher price models does not always imply better performance. We offer some economically priced headsets that provide fantastic reception and comfort allowing budget-minded pilots to own their own aviation headset.
In order to help you make a selection when price is a driving factor, we have categorized headsets into 3 separate groups. Entry Level Headsets ($99 - $250)Intermediate Headsets ($215 -$320)Advanced Headsets ($359 - $750)

2. Flight Experience
What stage are you in your flight training or career? If you are just starting your training, we recommend borrowing or renting a headset from your training facility. This will allow you to better understand how the system works and some of the features that distinguish different models. Chances are that the headset you will be handed will be a budget headset that has been through it's own battle. All rental units tend to have endured extreme wear and tear, and perform well below the products capabilities, however it will still allow you to experience the benefits of individual aircraft communication. Once you have used and tested a few headsets, come back to us and let us know what you liked and disliked about each model. We will then recommend a headset that meets all of your requirements and use your feedback to help educate other pilots.

3. Future Flying/ Pilot Goals
Do you have a long term aviation carear goal? Or are your piloting goals limited to more of a casual hobby? If you plan to make flying a hobby, we recommend selecting one of the entry level headsets. These products will serve you well during your training and personal flights. The headsets tend to be easier to resell should you decide to upgrade your headset. If you anticipate making aviation a long lasting passion or career, we recommend you consider one of the Intermediate or Advanced Headsets. The higher priced headsets tend to outlast the entry level products and in general resist wear & tear.

4. Headset Options
Many headsets feature options such as stereo/mono speakers or individualized speaker controls on each headset ear cup. The idea behind these features is to allow the pilot to independently adjust the audio quantity and volume for each ear. In reality, many intercoms installed in aircraft do not support stereo outputs. In practice, most pilots adjust the headset to fit comfortably on their head and select a volume level to mid range and seldom readjust the settings. Having the stereo feature on the set is a great option to have but one that is sometimes oversold.

5. Comfort & Convenience
The question of how the headset feels is an important consideration and one question that is often overlooked or lost in the discussion. Most retailers tend to promote the features and performance of a headset and forget ensure that the headset actually feels comfortable on the pilots head. All headsets have some type of adjustment to permit expansion or tightening of the ear cups. The level of padding on the ear cups and head strap give a direct indication of how comfortable each headset will be - especially on a long flight.

We also recommend taking note of the weight of the headset. Although headsets generally all weigh within 1/2 lb of each other, the extra weight over a long period can induce neck strains and headaches. We have listed the weight of each individual headset on the site to allow you to take this into consideration in your selection process. The final comment is regarding the microphone and it's assembly. The ability to position the microphone and swivel the boom to the other side of the headset is not only a convenience but critical in making strong and clear transmissions. After operating with many headsets over the years, a flexible boom microphone is beneficial. In our experience the clip assembly microphones tend to loosen with wear and positioning becomes frustrating.

There are obviously many other less significant factors and personal needs, however we hope that the recommendations above give you a feel for how to best select an aviation headset that meets your requirements.

At Touch And Go Pilot Supply, we take great care to offer only headsets we have tried and tested and feel confident will provide the best quality and performance for the price. We also recommend when purchasing a new headset that you order a headset case or flight bag to protect and store the headset. The number one cause of headset failures is dropping them while boarding or exiting the aircraft.

At Touch & Go Pilot Supply, we offer a wide selection of aviation headset protective bags and flight bags. We would very much like any of our customers to provide feedback on the headsets they order.

Along with our extensive selection of General Aviation headsets, we also offer Helicopter Headsets, Children's Headsets, Hearing Protectors, Headset Bags and Aviation Headset Accessories.

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Aviation Chart Notice: Expiration Dates

The following aviation charts expire 6/8/2006.

Place an order today with Touch & Go Pilot Supply and these charts will ship immediately.

VFR Sectional: Anchorage, Brownsville, Fairbanks, New Orleans, Seattle, Seward
VFR Terminal: Anchorage/Fairbanks, New Orleans, SeattleWAC: CC-9, CG-19

The following charts expire on 7/6/2006 and are also available at Touch & Go Pilot Supply.

VFR Sectional: Cincinnati, Great Falls, Green Bay, Los Angeles, Nome, Twin CitiesVFR Terminal: Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San DiegoWAC: CD-12, CG-18

Aviation Watches for Father's Day

Torgoen was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide pilots and enthusiasts with watches of uncompromising quality. Each aviation watch is tested under extremes of temperature, dust, humidity, impact and vibration to ensure precision, water resistance and endurance.

Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers the complete Torgoen Aviation Watch Collection including Flight Computer Watches, Zulu Time Watches and Zulu & E6B Flight Computer Combination Watches.

A Torgoen Aviation Watch would make an excellent Father's Day gift. Flight Computer watches calculate time, distance and speed equations. It also can perform a variety of calculations from currency, weight calculations to multiplication and division problems. The Torgoen T4 Zulu Time Pilot Watch uses a turning internal bezel to mark a different time zone (dual time). The Zulu & E6B Watch does both!

Aircraft Ultra Caddie

Featured in AOPA Pilot Magazine June 2006 as one of the best cockpit tools!

The design team at Noral Enterprises doesn't subscribe to the "throw it in the backseat" school of cockpit organization. This cleverly designed cockpit organizer will hold the thickest of the NOS approach chart books, several sectionals and or class "B" charts as well as flash light, fuel tester, pen and pencil, E6B flight computer and more, all with easy reach and out of the way, not in your knee, lap or backseat!

The main part of the Ultra Caddie cockpit organizer is 6" x 12" with a 6" x 7 1/2" pocket that can be opened about 2 1/2". The Ultra Caddie comes in three different versions:

OVER THE SEAT STRAP: Just place the build-in strap over the seat before seating and this Caddie will stay firmly placed at your side. Ideal for the renter pilot.
VELCRO: For the aircraft owner, can be mounted with two 2 " Velcro straps over side panels.
CLIP-ON STYLE: A strong belt clip can be placed on side panels or anywhere a clip will fit.The Ultra Caddie Cockpit Organizer is made of Dupont 1000 deniers Cordura.

The UltraCaddie is available from Touch & Go Pilot Supply for $17.99 in Navy Blue, Gray, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Royal Blue.

Friday, May 19, 2006

TAG Support Continued Pilot Training

Touch & Go Pilot Supply supports continued pilot training and offers pilot training kits and maintenance Training Kits by ASA, Jeppesen & Gleim. Training Kits ensure that FAA regulatory requirements are met, and are the perfect training solution for both instructors and students. Training kits offer required books and supplies needed to complete training all at an exceptional cost.

With the approach of summer, most flight schools are starting to offer more pilot training flight school programs. As a result, Touch & Go Pilot Supply has reduced all training kits by 5% .
Click here to view all training kits and choose the one that's right for you.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tri Lite Navigator LED Flashlight

The Tri LightNavigator LED Flashlight - three colors, hands free, and superbright. This aviation flashlight mounts on headsets, kneeboards, side panel, control yokes, lap boards.

Pilots love this Tri Lite aviation flashlight because its 3 lights in one (red, green, white), saves night vision, easy push buttons, hands free operation, on/off & momentary, anodized metal clip & more. This aviation LED flashlight also comes withDetachable 3M fasteners (DualLock handsfree strips included) & 2 AAA batteries.

Never fumble with with changeable lenses again and never hold a flashlight in your teeth again.....get this Tri Lite LED Flashlight!

This aviation flashlight is available at for $19.98.

Click Here for more information about the Tri Lite Navigator LED Flashlight.

Wingman Pilot & Flight Crew Luggage

The Wingman Rolling Bag is the new standard for flight crews around the world. The last thing a pilot or flight crew member needs to be concerned about on any trip is their luggage.

The Wingman rolling flight crew bag is loaded with the features you need to keep your belongings neat and organized. Specifications: . Metal protective corners . Solid metal j-hook . Large YKK self-repairing zippers . Eight outer pockets . Outer metal protective plate . Handle locks in both the up and down position . Rugged three stage aluminum . Padded top carry handle . Inside divider . Rugged 1450 ballistic nylon by Dupont . 1/8" aluminum frame for superior rigidity . Sealed bearing inline skate wheels.

Wingman Rolling Bags come in 22", 24" and 26".

Wingman Pilot & Flight Crew luggage bags are custom made and ship within 10 business days. Custom embroidering available. Available now at

Click here for more information about Wingman Products including Rolling Bags, Flight Case & Flight Bags.

Rexon RHP-520 Nav Com Handheld Transceiver

The Rexon RHP-520 Nav Com is an Air Band Handheld Transceiver with features that make sense.

Press a button to toggle between an active and standby frequency just like a panel mount radio. Monitor an ATIS broadcast and an approach control frequency at the same time. Press the Instant Memory Write button and the displayed frequency is automatically entered in the next available memory location. Find the VOR stations within your range of operation. Also the Rexon 520 Nav/Com Transceiver, offers pilots many other unique features such as:
Auto CDI CenteringActive Standby Frequency Control: Press a button to toggle between an active and standby frequency just like a panel mount radio.Dual Watch: Monitor monitor one frequency while tuned to a primary frequency (Like ATIS and Approach Control) .Instant Memory Write: To instantly save any tuned frequencyNav Scan: Nav frequency band to find usable VOR signalsGroup Scan.

Other features include: DVOR and CDI, 16 button keypad, NOAA weather channels, 100 programmable memory channels, backlit LCD display, 5 watts of output power, full scanning, one touch emergency 121.5 frequency and much more.

Now priced at $239.00 at Offer ends June 1st, 2006 or while supplies last!

Click here for more information about Rexon's Nav Com Handheld Transceiver.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Aviation Pilot Sunglasses

As the long bright days of summer approach, one of the most important safety items a pilot should carry on every flight is a good pair of sunglasses. The technology used in the design and manufacture of aviation sunglasses is years ahead of the products being promoted within other industies. The lenses used in aviation eyeware act as filters to help mediate the light resulting in improved contrast perception and visual sensitivity. The overall result is less eye stain and dramatically improved vision. Whether you are flying VFR and need to have the best visual response or IFR were above the clouds the sun always shines, aviation sunglasses are a must.
At Touch & Go Pilot Supply we have personally evaluated many performance sunglasses and have selected to offer only the top pilot aviation sunglasses to the industry. Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers Bolle, Randolph, Serengeti and AO Eyeware aviator sunglasses, each make available in a variety of styles and sizes. Check out the selection of eyeware and order an extra pair to keep in your flight bag as backup.
Fly Safe and Pay Low at Touch & Go Pilot Supply.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ACR AeroFix 406 ELT

Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers ACR's AeroFix personal locator beacon.

It is the most affordable, convenient and highest quality emergency locator transmitter available. Weighing just 12 ounces, it can be easily carried in a pack or pocket; small enough to be worn by pilots, hikers, hunters, kayakers or any outdoor enthusiast. The Aerofix 406 ELT is available with or without an onboard GPS.

Aerofix 406 ELT (with No Onboard GPS)
2799.2 406 MHz Personal ELT. This satellite PLB is the smallest, most functional emergency transmitter available.

Aerofix 406MHz Personal ELT with Onboard GPS & GPS Interface. This satellite PLB is the smallest, most functional emergency transmitter available
Full functional self test of internal circuitry, battery power, 406 MHz transmission, and GPS acquisition (P/N 2799.4 only).
Flat, stainless steel antenna wraps compactly around the unit for easy stowage; and is ready for rapid deployment.
Floats to avoid loss if dropped in water, exceeds 1 meter (3.3ft) requirement, tested to 5 meters (16.5ft)
GPS interface (NMER 0183) allows you to download GPS coordinates prior to activation; once activated, your LAT/LON transmits on the first burst insuring your distress message reaches search and rescue near instantaneously.
Onboard GPS (PN 2799.4 only) acquires LAT/LON when the unit is activated, your LAT/LON are transmitted as soon as acquired providing rescue agencies with your exact position to within 100 meters (110 yards), within 3 minutes of satellite reception.
Removable holster provides functionality, style and protection for your P-ELT; allows for multiple mounting options to back packs, belts, webbing and life vests

Fly High Pay Low with Touch & Go Pilot Supply. Fly safe with the AeroFix 406ELT system.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pilot Flight Training Kits

General Aviation today demands that pilots truly take on the responsibilities of pilot in command. The changing air regulations and training requirements reinforce the need to have a solid understanding of all levels of aviation.

At Touch & Go Pilot Supply, we strongly endorse continued education and flight training in all aspects of aviation. As a result, we carry the largest selection of aviation training materials and offer them at discount prices. The pilot flight training kits that Touch & Go Pilot Supply carries provide the most economical and simplest means of obtaining all of the materials needed to complete your desired flight training goals. Touch & Go Pilot Supply carries sport pilot kits, private pilot flight training kits, commercial pilot license kits along with multi-engine and instrument flight endorsement kits.
The individual items in each kit may be purchased from Touch & Go Pilot Supply separately or in combination. The description of each kit clearly identifies the specific course and lists all of the items contained within each kit. All flight training kits ship for free via UPS ground within the continental USA.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Sectional Charts - March 2006

The following Aviation Charts expire on 16-March-06.
VFR Sectionals:
Atlanta, Billings, Dallas, Houston, Dutch Harbor, Halifax, Las Vegas, Montreal, San Fransisco, Western Aleutian
VFR Terminal:
Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco
WAC: CD-11
HELI: Dallas

They are available now at Touch & Go Pilot Supply.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Aviation Pilot Flight Bags Size Chart

Touch & Go Pilot Supply has the largest selection of aviation flight bags, flight cases and headset bags. All of the flight bags offered by Touch & Go Pilot Supply represent the highest quality most sort after styles from well know brands such as, ASA, AvComm, Gleim, Jeppesen, Noral, Sky High and more. Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers such a wide selection of different flight bag styles & sizes that we have developed a flight bag size chart to help select the perfect size to fit the needs of every pilot. Whether you are a student pilot or a seasoned aviator, it is critical to be prepared and well organized for every flight. Touch & Go Pilot Supply has the right flight bag just for you.
Touch & Go Pilot Supply welcomes orders from the military and flight schools and always works to offer the very best price as well as volume discounts. Most orders placed by 2:00 PM central time will ship the same day. Any flight bag priced at $75 or more ships for free via UPS ground to the continental USA.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sale Personal Collision Avoidance System XRX & MRX


This Pre-Sun and Fun Special ends April 10th! PCAS XRX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone personal collision avoidance system for general aviation to offer direction. Threat aircraft direction can be detected from within your cockpit in a tiny, self-contained unit. XRX offers multiple aircraft information, audio alerts and advisories, an easy-to-use menu interface, and local information.
The PCAS XRX includes:
Dash-mount unit w/ integrated antenna
Cigarette-lighter adaptor
Audio cable
Velcro mounting dots
Silicone "gripper" feet
75-page Owner's Manual
Quick Guide
Hard carrying case
Legendary Zaon Flight Support

PCAS MRX, the smallest, lowest cost personal collision avoidance system ever created, all with proven digital technology and accuracy. The PCAS MRX delivers accurate range and relative altitude in a package the size of a deck of cards. It's even portable and works for up to 8 hrs on 2 AA (NiMH) batteries.The PCAS MRX Personal Collision Avoidance System Includes:
Dash-mount unit
Stub antenna
Cigarette-lighter adaptor
2 "AA" Batteries
Velcro mounting dots
Silicone "gripper" feet
50-page Owner's Manual

Touch & Go Pilot Supply is also carrying all of the Personal Collision Avoidance System Accessories for the XRX & MRX systems. Just click on PCAS Accessories for all the details.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Affordable Personal Collision Avoidance System MRX

PCAS MRX is the smallest, lowest cost personal collision avoidance system ever created, all with proven digital technology and accuracy. The PCAS MRX delivers accurate range and relative altitude in a package the size of a deck of cards. It's even portable and works for up to 8 hrs on 2 AA (NiMH) batteries.

The PCAS MRX Personal Collision Avoidance System includes a Dash-mount unit, Stub antenna, Cigarette-lighter adaptor, 2 AA Batteries, Velcro mounting dots, Silicone "gripper" feet, and a 50-page Owner's Manual.

The PCAS MRX displays range and relative altitude of the closest threat, with continuous monitoring of the top 10 threats within the 5 NM scalable detection window. Altitude detection is scalable up to +/- 5000 ft.

At 2.5” (65mm) W x 4.2” (107mm) D x 0.6” (17mm) H, MRX is smaller than a deck of cards. The PCAS MRX uses an easy menu-driven interface and audio annunciations for traffic advisories and alerts. The unit boasts a built in solid-state altimeter for "always relative" altitude information, and built-in temperature compensators and overtemp protection. Information is displayed on the high-brightness LED display (dimmable). PCAS MRX also monitors aircraft bus voltage and host transponder output.

The unit is powered by aircraft power (12-40 VDC adapter included) or 2 "AA" Batteries (with 8+ hours of use).

The PCAS MRX is half the size, 1/3 less price, portable and offers better accuracy and many more features than the ATD-300. Other capabilities of the PCAS MRX include:
Digital range, scalable from 5NM to 1NM
Relative altitude, scalable from 2500 ft to 500 ft, with ascending/descending indicator
Menu-driven interface
A built-in altimeter provides the highest, real-time accuracy available
Displays the local squawk code and altitude
Audio alerts for threats and advisories
An installation kit is available

Touch & Go Pilot Supply ( PCAS MRX price $489.00

Personal Collision Avoidance System XRX

The Personal Collision Avoidance System PCAS XRX by Zaon Flight allows threat aircraft direction to be detected from within your cockpit in a tiny, self-contained unit.

PCAS XRX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone personal collision avoidance system for general aviation to offer direction. XRX offers multiple aircraft information, audio alerts and advisories, an easy-to-use menu interface, and local information.

The PCAS XRX displays a 3-D View quadrant bearing information, as well as relative altitude and range, all from inside the cockpit and without the need for external antenna arrays.
XRX uses all-new, highly specialized technology to sense and display traffic as accurately as many higher-priced, installed systems, but all from within an ultra-compact unit designed to sit on your glare shield. XRX is not dependent on Traffic Information System (TIS) data but works independent of external systems.

The PCAS XRX includes many built-in sensors for razor-sharp accuracy, including a pressure altimeter for relative altitude accuracy, a solid-state 16-point compass for bearing accuracy, a solid-state attitude and bank sensor for bearing accuracy, temperature compensators and overtemp protection for accuracy in any environment.

Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers the PCAS XRX for $1,785.00

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flight Bag Sale Ending


OUR 5% OFF ALL Flight Bags & Headset Cases SALE ENDS on 2/28/06!

Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers a wide selection of flight bags from AvComm, ASA, Comsafe, Noral, Jeppesen, & Sky High Gear. Check out our new Flight Bag size chart to find the perfect flight bag!

Plexus Plastic Cleaner is Best for Aircraft

Plexus Plastic Cleaner is the most effective plastic cleaner, polisher & protector on the market. It cleans GPS Displays, the inside & outside of aircraft, boats & cars.

Plexus Plastic Cleaner actually seals the pores of the plastic. It makes small scratches less visible, leaving a surface that's fresh, lustrous and protected. It dries perfectly, no smears, no scratches, no smudges, and no oily, tacky or sticky residue. It's anti-static, and you can apply it in mere seconds, in one simple step.Once you try it, you'll never go back! Plexus Plastic Cleaner cleans and protects and is approved by airplane window manufacturers.

13 oz. size is $8.95, 7 oz. is $6.95 or save and buy 12 for $92.50—that’s $7.71/each!

New VXA-300 Lite Aviation Transceiver

Touch & Go Pilot Supply welcomes the new VXA-300 Lite Nav Comm Transceiver. It features a more powerful audio amplifier than any other airband transceiver. This may be the only transceiver you can hear in the cockpit without a headset! It also features built-in VOX for hands free operation with no PTT required when in VOX mode. Other great features include 8.33 khz European channel spacing RX only and built in PA (public announce) mode for use with MH-44B speaker mic.

The VXA-300 Lite comes with an alkaline battery case that holds 6 alkaline cells, 12 Volt power adapter, headset adapter, antenna & belt clip. The VXA-300 Lite is available at Touch & Go Pilot Supply (website ) with a current List Price of $369. Touch & Go Pilot Supply Price is $245.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vertex Aviation Transceivers

Vertex has discontinued VXA-210 Nav-Comm Aviation Transceivers. This includes the VXA-210 Lite, the battery operated model and the VXA 210/16 Aviator Pilot Nav-Comm.

This comes on the heels of the discontinuation of the VXA-700 Spirit Nav-Comm Transceiver which was a popular model not only for aviation pilots, but also amateur radio operators. The VXA-700 was replaced by the VXA-710 but has only receive capabilities.

The VXA-300 Pilot III Airband Nav Comm Transceiver is a popular model and is priced at $329.99 at Touch & Go Pilot Supply.