Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AvComm PNR Headset Technology & Features

Introducing AVCOMM's aviation headset series featuring PNR audio technology (patent pending), the latest advancement in acoustic sound management. AvComm's design team met the challenge to find an alternative to heavy ANR circuitry and batteries that didn't provide the full benefit of noise reduction over the entire frequency band and to overcome the problem of compromised passive noise attenuation should the ANR feature fail or be turned off.

AVCOMM's new PNR design features a dramatic reduction in annoying inner ear cup vibrations while increasing noise attenuation and decreasing headset weight for added comfort. High efficiency ultra-lite samarium cobalt speakers with a powerful magnetic core and diaphragm provide richer, smoother frequency response for both voice and music. Revolutionary speakers combined with an advanced speaker installation technique delivers audio performance that is simply outstanding.

To demonstrate the advantage of PNR performance, tests were performed in our facility on headsets from three leading ANR manufacturers to compare ANR to AVCOMM's PNR technology.

Test Parameters
• All headsets ran were brand new and tested in "out of the box" condition.
• No change was made to manufacturer standard clamping pressure or ear seals.
• All ANR test headsets were powered by new batteries.
• The sampling microphone was placed at the entrance of the test participant's ear canal.
• Only the left sides of headsets were tested.

Test Variables
• The test shows the comparison of noise attenuation of each headset under identical lab conditions. Outside the lab environment, a variance factor would be required for difference in human anatomy (head and ear shape/size)
• Results are averaged over each octave band.
• There may be slight variance from headset to headset in the same brand.

Test Conditions
• Sound – level: 110dB (average)
• Sine wave frequency sweep: 50 Hz to 8 kHz.

Stainless Steel Headband

Banded in stainless steel for long life and ease of maintenance.
Rustproof and very easy to adjust for a perfect custom fit.

ABS Ear Cups
Classically designed and manufactured from high impact ABS plastic for tensile strength, chemical and heat resistance.
Easy to clean with liquid household detergent.

Pivot Adjustments
Dome and stirrups swivel to provide universal ear dome fit.

Acoustic Foam Ears Seals
Deluxe acoustic foam ear seals made with a special cellular foam and a PVC shell for soft and supple comfort.

Samarium cobalt speakers, known for their light weight and high efficiency.

Noise Cancelling Microphones
Highly reliable electret noise cancelling microphones for excellent sound quality.

Insulated Tensile Wiring
Used throughout. The high flex bending capability (similar to telephone cabling) gives this wire its distinctive durability. Flexible copper wire with spiral shielding eliminates radio frequency interference (RFI). A polyurethane cover provides added abrasion resistance, strength and flexibility.

Gold Plated Plugs
Plugs are gold plated for positive contact and superior signal transfer.

AvComm's PNR Headsets include:
AC-900 PNR
AC-454 PNR
AC-250Kid's PNR
AC-200 PNR