Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Remote Pilot (Drone) Classes Offered at DWH

Texas Flight Remote Pilot Part 107 Training Classes are available at Texas Flight Services at DWH Airport in Spring, TX. 

The price is $199.00 for the weekend class and involves classroom training on the Saturday from 9-4 pm with lunch included.  On the Sunday, there is a 9-10 am review of the material and there is a FAA Testing Facility on-site to write the test (Test fee not included) at that time or you can schedule to write it at your convenience.

This course involves at presentation and overview of all FAA Remote Pilot required knowledge subjects by Certified Flight Instructors.  A drone training guide, and test preparation materials along with 5 practice online tests are included.    If you would like more practice tests, pick up the Remote Pilot Test Prep Book.  This is also offered in an online format called Remote Pilot Prepware.

If this new emerging field of drones interests you, or your interested in a career in this field, a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating is required. Call Texas Flight Services at 832-717-0766 for more details on the class or register now for the next class.

Halloween Hit: Flyboys Children's Flightsuits

Are you in the Army, Navy or Air Force?   We have noticed that the Flyboy's Children's Flightsuits are flying off the shelf and we understand why.   They are always a popular item for birthdays, greeting parents when they arrive from deployment and other special occasions and we certainly notice a surge in sales around Halloween

These adorable Aviation Flight Suits in authentic olive drab range in size from Small (18-24 months) to XXL (6-7 T) are the perfect complement to your child's active imagination.   Young ones inspired by their military family or a love of airplanes take great pride in wearing it.   They are extremely comfortable and made from the same Tyvek material as the real thing.   They are slightly oversized with adjustable waist straps and zippered pockets so that your child will grow into it and get the most use out of it.  

What makes it particularly special is the ability to customize it in many ways.  There are 4 authentc velcro attach points to attach real military patches.  First, there is a wide selection of service (Army, Navy, Air Force) and Command patches along with a great selection of various aircraft your child would want on the suit.  The customized Name Tag makes this gift extra special. 

The Flyboy's Children's Flight Jacket is also a popular choice and is really practical for cold weather climates.  

The Flyboy's Children's Flight Suit and Jacket are not only adorable on the little ones but they love it and wear it with joy and pride.