Monday, September 19, 2005

Gleim 2006 FAR/AIM Now Available

Gleim's FAR/AIM 2006 is now available.

A great feature of Gleim's new 2006 FAR/AIM is that it is now Flight bag size - smaller, more compact and lightweight measuring 7" x 9" inches.

Gleim's FAR/AIM consolidates the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) into one easy-to-use reference book. We provide an expanded FAR index and an expanded AIM index.

Most books create additional work for the user. In contrast, Gleim's FAR/AIM simplifies and facilitates your effort. The text format, bigger and darker type, indentations, two-column structure, and spacing are designed to make it easier to read, learn, and understand.

A comprehensive FAR index in front of the book and AIM index at the back of the book make it easier to find pertinent portions of the FARs and/or AIM than do government indexes.

NEW!! The 2006 Gleim FAR/AIM now includes all SFARs, as well as all new additions and changes to the Federal regulations.

The 2006 Gleim FAR/AIM Product Features:
Flight bag size - smaller, more compact and lightweight (7" נ9") book
Expanded and easy-to-use indexes for both the FAR and the AIM
SFARs now included!
A comprehensive reference for all pilots
NTSB Part 830 also included
Full color AIM images

FAR/AIM is part of the Gleim Private Pilot Kit and is essential for student pilots.

2006 FAR/AIMs to be Released

The 2006 FAR/AIMs 2006 are scheduled to be released in early October, 2005.

The FAR/AIM 2006 handbooks present the latest civil aviation directives gathered from the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) for pilots, flight crew, and aviation maintenance technicians.

All aviation regulations that have changed since the last FAR/AIM release are precisely marked and indexed to provide a clear listing of subject matter and to refer pilots and staff to the correct paragraph or regulation number.

The FAR and AIM sections are reproduced in reset type for easier reading, and the AIM features detailed, full-color graphics. A suggested study list is provided, along with a helpful list of the addresses and phone numbers for the FAA, National Transportation Safety Board, National Ocean Service, and Flight Standards District Office.

Various pilot supply company's, like Touch & Go Pilot Supply, are currently taking pre-orders for the 2006 FAR/AIMs.

Time to Update Aviation Charts!

The new edition of Sectionals for release in September & October 2005 include:
Albuquerque, Atlanta, Billings, Cape Lisburne, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Dawson, Detroit, Halifax, Hawaiian Is., Houston, Jacksonville, Klamath Falls, Lake Huron, Las Vegas, Memphis, Miami, Montreal, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, & San Francisco.

New Lightspeed Mach 1 Aviation Headset

It weighs less than your car keys. It weighs less than your wristwatch. Made with magnesium alloy, the new LightSpeed Mach 1 Aviation Headset weighs less than 1 ounce.

LightSpeed's Mach 1 lightness gives you a comfort and freedom while flying that's unlike anything you've experienced before. The In-The-Ear platform provides the quiet of a full size headset, with the tiny, digital speakers giving you the rich sound of a concert hall. The featherweight boom contours to your face, picking up your voice with crystal clarity as you talk with ATC or on your cell phone. After years of relentlessly looking for ways to make a quieter, more comfortable headset, we're proud to have so little to show for it.

The Mach 1 Aviation Headset from LightSPEED is proof that smaller can be much better.

Features of the LightSpeed's LightFlight Mach 1 Aviation Headset include:
• Lightweight: Magnesium Alloy Construction Makes This Product Incredibly Lightweight Yet Rugged and Durable • Comfortable: No Earcups, No Hot Spots, No Clamping, No Sweat! • Stereo Hi-Fidelity Sound: For Maximum Music and Speech Reproduction
• Music Interface: Plug in a Portable CD Player, or Any Digital Music Player • Cell/Satellite Phone Interface: Make a Call Using Your Headset
• Pilot Isolate:For Conversation Privacy When Cell Phone is in Use
• Replaceable Foam Plugs: Comes Standard with Patented MATRIX No Roll Foam Ear Plugs by Howard Leight. Other Plugs Available For Optimal Customer Fit and Performance

General Data
Connectors: .250" Stereo Headphone Plug .206" Stereo Microphone Plug
Weight: under 1 oz

Earphone Data
Receivers: Metal Diaphragm, Nickel Plated Steel Enclosures
Frequency Response: 40-16 KHz

Earplug Data
Howard Leight MATRIX Foam: NRR 29

Microphone Data
Transducer Principle: Noise Cancelling ElectretImpedance: 1-2 KHz

This new LightSpeed Mach1 Aviation Headset will begin shipping at the end of September 2005.