Thursday, April 13, 2006

Aviation Pilot Sunglasses

As the long bright days of summer approach, one of the most important safety items a pilot should carry on every flight is a good pair of sunglasses. The technology used in the design and manufacture of aviation sunglasses is years ahead of the products being promoted within other industies. The lenses used in aviation eyeware act as filters to help mediate the light resulting in improved contrast perception and visual sensitivity. The overall result is less eye stain and dramatically improved vision. Whether you are flying VFR and need to have the best visual response or IFR were above the clouds the sun always shines, aviation sunglasses are a must.
At Touch & Go Pilot Supply we have personally evaluated many performance sunglasses and have selected to offer only the top pilot aviation sunglasses to the industry. Touch & Go Pilot Supply offers Bolle, Randolph, Serengeti and AO Eyeware aviator sunglasses, each make available in a variety of styles and sizes. Check out the selection of eyeware and order an extra pair to keep in your flight bag as backup.
Fly Safe and Pay Low at Touch & Go Pilot Supply.