Friday, June 16, 2006

Aircraft Ultra Caddie

Featured in AOPA Pilot Magazine June 2006 as one of the best cockpit tools!

The design team at Noral Enterprises doesn't subscribe to the "throw it in the backseat" school of cockpit organization. This cleverly designed cockpit organizer will hold the thickest of the NOS approach chart books, several sectionals and or class "B" charts as well as flash light, fuel tester, pen and pencil, E6B flight computer and more, all with easy reach and out of the way, not in your knee, lap or backseat!

The main part of the Ultra Caddie cockpit organizer is 6" x 12" with a 6" x 7 1/2" pocket that can be opened about 2 1/2". The Ultra Caddie comes in three different versions:

OVER THE SEAT STRAP: Just place the build-in strap over the seat before seating and this Caddie will stay firmly placed at your side. Ideal for the renter pilot.
VELCRO: For the aircraft owner, can be mounted with two 2 " Velcro straps over side panels.
CLIP-ON STYLE: A strong belt clip can be placed on side panels or anywhere a clip will fit.The Ultra Caddie Cockpit Organizer is made of Dupont 1000 deniers Cordura.

The UltraCaddie is available from Touch & Go Pilot Supply for $17.99 in Navy Blue, Gray, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Royal Blue.