Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fashionable Aviation Headsets

As the world of aviation evolves from a male dominated industry to a growing female pilot population, the accompanying pilot apparel is also changing. New designs in pilot uniforms along with more modern and stylish aviation products are starting to appear in the industry. One noticeable item is the new look of aviation headsets. Until very recently general aviation headsets were only available in either green or black and stowed in a black bag. Today choosing a headset can be a challenge with the selection of designs, features and even the colors available.

Today the fashionable female pilots can purchase pink headsets. For the cell phone fanatics, a number of models are available with cell phone adapters to enable simple interface without removing the headset. The cell phone should not be used once the aircraft is operating, however it is convenient for making quick calls prior to starting the engine or for canceling a flight plan upon landing.

Headsets should be stored in flight bag or headset bag to ensure lasting performance. Many different bags are available on the market to accommodate every pilots need. Like the headsets, aviation flight bags are available in a range of colors and designs.