Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ICOM A14 and A-14S Transceiver Product Review

ICOM has just released the latest in their line of VHR Airband Transceivers, the IC A-14 and IC-A14S.

While both of these all new VHF Air Band Transceivers and weather receivers perform a lot of the same functions, there are a few differences between the two that set them apart.

The IC-A14 full keyboard type allows you to input the channel or frequency directly and has an exclusive button for the 121.5 MhZ emergency channel and also has a total of 200 memory channels that can be names with an eight character channel name for easy recognition. For fast and simple operation, these channels can be grouped into tem memory banks.

While the IC-A14S has a simple keypad that is designed to provide simpler operation with a minimum of buttons that is great for ground crews. This unit has a total of 100 memory channels that can be named with an eight character channel name also. The IC-A14S has the full 100 memory channels, but does not have the memory banks as provided on the IC -A14.

Both of these new units include a 2000MaH Lithium Ion battery and charger, which is the most powerful battery that has ever been offered to an ICOM air band transceiver. They also feature multi-level low battery indication with beep alert. This will give you as many as 18 hours (approximately) of trusted use while still provided 5 full watts of transmit power.
The rugged, water resistant designt is another great feature provided on these units which will ensure usability in even wet conditions. ICOM also includes a standard BNC type antenna connector which is most common for the majority of air band panel mount radios in the aviation industry, making the ICOM a great back up radio in almost any aircraft.

700 Mw Loud audio is provided also. Because air band radios are typically operated in high noise environments, ist is essential for the radio to provide loud and clear audio. Both the IC-A14 and IC-A14S employ a BTL amplifier that doubles the audio output, offering loud and clear audio that will cut through cabin and tarmac noise. These units are also backlit for easy night time operation.

With all of the features that these aviation transceivers offer, it is easy to see why ICOM is a trusted leader in the aviation industry for so many years.