Thursday, February 09, 2006

New VXA-300 Lite Aviation Transceiver

Touch & Go Pilot Supply welcomes the new VXA-300 Lite Nav Comm Transceiver. It features a more powerful audio amplifier than any other airband transceiver. This may be the only transceiver you can hear in the cockpit without a headset! It also features built-in VOX for hands free operation with no PTT required when in VOX mode. Other great features include 8.33 khz European channel spacing RX only and built in PA (public announce) mode for use with MH-44B speaker mic.

The VXA-300 Lite comes with an alkaline battery case that holds 6 alkaline cells, 12 Volt power adapter, headset adapter, antenna & belt clip. The VXA-300 Lite is available at Touch & Go Pilot Supply (website ) with a current List Price of $369. Touch & Go Pilot Supply Price is $245.