Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Affordable Personal Collision Avoidance System MRX

PCAS MRX is the smallest, lowest cost personal collision avoidance system ever created, all with proven digital technology and accuracy. The PCAS MRX delivers accurate range and relative altitude in a package the size of a deck of cards. It's even portable and works for up to 8 hrs on 2 AA (NiMH) batteries.

The PCAS MRX Personal Collision Avoidance System includes a Dash-mount unit, Stub antenna, Cigarette-lighter adaptor, 2 AA Batteries, Velcro mounting dots, Silicone "gripper" feet, and a 50-page Owner's Manual.

The PCAS MRX displays range and relative altitude of the closest threat, with continuous monitoring of the top 10 threats within the 5 NM scalable detection window. Altitude detection is scalable up to +/- 5000 ft.

At 2.5” (65mm) W x 4.2” (107mm) D x 0.6” (17mm) H, MRX is smaller than a deck of cards. The PCAS MRX uses an easy menu-driven interface and audio annunciations for traffic advisories and alerts. The unit boasts a built in solid-state altimeter for "always relative" altitude information, and built-in temperature compensators and overtemp protection. Information is displayed on the high-brightness LED display (dimmable). PCAS MRX also monitors aircraft bus voltage and host transponder output.

The unit is powered by aircraft power (12-40 VDC adapter included) or 2 "AA" Batteries (with 8+ hours of use).

The PCAS MRX is half the size, 1/3 less price, portable and offers better accuracy and many more features than the ATD-300. Other capabilities of the PCAS MRX include:
Digital range, scalable from 5NM to 1NM
Relative altitude, scalable from 2500 ft to 500 ft, with ascending/descending indicator
Menu-driven interface
A built-in altimeter provides the highest, real-time accuracy available
Displays the local squawk code and altitude
Audio alerts for threats and advisories
An installation kit is available

Touch & Go Pilot Supply (www.tagpilotsupply.com) PCAS MRX price $489.00