Friday, March 17, 2006

Sale Personal Collision Avoidance System XRX & MRX


This Pre-Sun and Fun Special ends April 10th! PCAS XRX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone personal collision avoidance system for general aviation to offer direction. Threat aircraft direction can be detected from within your cockpit in a tiny, self-contained unit. XRX offers multiple aircraft information, audio alerts and advisories, an easy-to-use menu interface, and local information.
The PCAS XRX includes:
Dash-mount unit w/ integrated antenna
Cigarette-lighter adaptor
Audio cable
Velcro mounting dots
Silicone "gripper" feet
75-page Owner's Manual
Quick Guide
Hard carrying case
Legendary Zaon Flight Support

PCAS MRX, the smallest, lowest cost personal collision avoidance system ever created, all with proven digital technology and accuracy. The PCAS MRX delivers accurate range and relative altitude in a package the size of a deck of cards. It's even portable and works for up to 8 hrs on 2 AA (NiMH) batteries.The PCAS MRX Personal Collision Avoidance System Includes:
Dash-mount unit
Stub antenna
Cigarette-lighter adaptor
2 "AA" Batteries
Velcro mounting dots
Silicone "gripper" feet
50-page Owner's Manual

Touch & Go Pilot Supply is also carrying all of the Personal Collision Avoidance System Accessories for the XRX & MRX systems. Just click on PCAS Accessories for all the details.