Friday, September 29, 2006

Flight Training Kits

At Touch & Go Pilot Supply, we strongly endorse continued education and flight training in all aspects of aviation. As a result, we carry the largest selection of aviation training materials at discount prices and offer free delivery on all flight training kits within the Continental USA.
Each flight training kit is designed for a specific licence or endorsement and contains the exact materials required to achieve the course objective at a fraction of the price. Pilot training kits contain all of the required ground school reading, course syllabus, plotters, flight maneuvers, flight exercises, logbooks and more. Most training kits even come with a professional flight bag.
The kits are arranged in the normal order of advancement through flight training. The selection includes:
Sport Pilot Training KitsPrivate Pilot Training KitsCommercial Pilot Training KitsInstrument Training KitsMulti-Engine Pilot Training KitsFlight Instructor Training Kits
In addition, we also carry Helicopter Training Kits as well as various A&P Technician / Maintenance Training Kits.
Flight training kits offer the most economical and simplest means of obtaining all of the materials needed to complete the desired flight training goals. The individual items in each kit may be purchased from Touch & Go Pilot Supply separately or in combination. The description of each kit clearly identifies the specific course and lists all of the items contained within each kit.
For customer who wish to identify and/or purchase items separately, we have provided a list and links to many of the flight training materials from each kit. Link on any item on the training material list and the link will display a selection of appropriate products.
Flight Bags
Pilot Test Prep Books
Aviation ChartsAviation MapsFlight ComputersAirport Directories
We wish you success in your flight training, in subsequent flying and in obtaining additional ratings and certificates.