Monday, September 11, 2006

Torgoen Aviation Watch Collection

TORGOEN was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide similar enthusiasts with aviation watches of uncompromising quality.

In the cockpit, things happen quickly... a pilot must always be thinking ahead of the airplane. Multi-tasking is part of survival. Reliable instruments. Rapid readings, dependant on precise and clear markings and indexes. Day and night. Ergonomically efficient controls. All of these same standards are part of another cluster of pilot's instruments: the Torgoen line of aviation watches.

Attainment of aviation standards comes as part of two major steps, Preparation and Production. Torgoen's commitment to the highest quality standards is uncompromised in every step of the manufacturing process. Each and every watch passes strict quality control procedures to ensure precision, water resistance and endurance. At Torgoen, preparation includes precision engineering, careful attention to details of every component, and the best choice of materials. During and after production, Torgoen pilot watches and components pass the most stringent quality control procedures. The watches are tested under various extreme conditions including temperature variation, dust, humidity, impact and vibration.

Torgoen Flight Computer Watches
Torgoen's line of Flight Computer Watches can be used to calculate time, distance and speed equations. It also can perform a variety of calculations from currency conversions to multiplication and division problems. With the watch you can calculate any conversion of linear nature with a constant ratio such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers etc. Currently Torgoen has 3 models with a flight computer: T1, T2 and T3.

Torgoen Zulu Time Watches
The world is divided into 24 time zones. For easy reference in communications, a letter of the alphabet has been assigned to each time zone (less the letter "I" and "O"). The "clock" at Greenwich, England is used as the standard clock for international reference of time in communications, military, maritime and other activities that cross time zones. The letter designation for this clock is Z, pronounced ZULU in the phonetic alphabet.
Zulu Time Watch Line has 2 distinct models. One uses a turning internal bezel to mark a different time zone (dual time) while the other uses an additional hand completing a full circle once every 24 hours that can also denote a different time zone including Zulu Time (i.e. GMT). Torgoen Zulu Watches are T4 and T5.

Touch & Go Pilot Supply also offers a selection of Torgoen T5 Ladies Zulu Time Watches.

Torgoen Zulu Time and E6B Combination WatchesTorgoen T6 aviation watch series has a Swiss Movement GMT type (additional time zone in 24 hour format, or ZULU time according to aviation radio lingo) and slide rule called flight computer or E6B. With it you can easily solve time, speed and distance problems as well as conversions of units once you know the ratio. Currency conversions are especially easy to perform. You can also multiply or divide any two numbers (detailed instruction manual booklet in 4 languages with many examples is included).

Experience the confidence that comes with using a fine instrument - a TORGOEN aviation watch.